Recreational Adult Women's Soccer in San Diego, CA

Sponsored By:   North County Soccer Park
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Dear Summer Soccer Classic Tournament attendees and managers,
We have been called upon as a group to help support local children by donating our gently used soccer gear. We feel it is a unique opportunity for an organization like PWSL, one full of mothers, to pull together and "mother" local children in need.
YALLA ( is an incredible soccer club, in San Diego, that provides support for war torn refugee children through soccer.  The children they impact come to San Diego from all over the world, but mostly from the Middle East.  Many of them have had their entire families wiped out because of war.  YALLA uses soccer as a vehicle to give these children family, community, and hope.  Because many of these children come from non-English speaking families, YALLA has found a way to exchange soccer time for tutoring time to ensure the children are getting an education to further better themselves.  The entire goal of YALLA Soccer Club is to get these children enrolled in college.  So far, they have been extremely successful with this.
Soccer Shots East San Diego has had the privilege of working and partnering with YALLA ( by donating a Soccer Shots World Cup Camp to 40 war torn refugee children.  They come to practices in Converses, or like shoes, that are a few sizes too big with many holes in them.  Many of these children do not have any soccer shoes or any soccer gear at all.  What they do have however, are sparkles in their eyes of hope, and love in their hearts. They have been given a new beginning here in San Diego and they are incredibly grateful for it.
We will be collecting gently used soccer gear for them in large plastic bins at the tournament.  To be a part of this movement, simply bring your soccer gear you no longer have use for to the tournament and drop it off in the marked bins. Nothing is too small or too big.  We encourage your generosity with this and if you or your children are part of local teams, perhaps ask them to donate their old gear as well.  Soccer Shots East San Diego will collect it and distribute it to the children in need.  We will also document the process, with photos and videos, so you will be able to see the incredible joy and PRIDE these children emulate once they have, for the first time, their own soccer gear. 
Items to be donated in all sizes are (they serve children ages 4 yrs old- 19 yrs old, but the largest need is for the 7-12 yrs range):
Shirts / Jerseys
Soccer bags
Thank you for your consideration and time. We are looking forward to an EXCELLENT tournament!
Elizabeth Barker-Aquino
East San Diego Soccer Shots Director