Individual Player Registration

Welcome, players! The PWSL is a full-field, 90-minute league for women 17+.

New to the PWSL?

Let's get you on the field! There are three ways to join the league:

1. Join an established team

Interested in committing to a full season with a team that is already established in a specific division?

How? Submit your interest using the form below, and managers will reach out to you if you seem like a good fit for their team.

Cost - Determined by managers and paid to them (not through this website). Likely somewhere between $100 and $150 per season.

2. Register for the Sub Roster

You are welcome to join the sub roster, which will make you eligible to sub for any team throughout this season.

How? Proceed with registration on the right and select "sub roster" on the pricing page.

Cost - $25 per season

3. Join a free agent team

We occasionally start new teams at the beginning of the season. You can register to join one of these teams and build from the ground up with other new players.

How? Proceed with registration on the right and select "free agent" on the pricing page. (This option won't always be available.)

Cost - Summer 2024, $90

League Information


Games are 90 minutes, full-field.

Games are played on Sundays at 9am, 11am, 1pm or 3pm.

Games are played at local community parks and high schools throughout San Diego.

Each team will play 12 games in the spring/fall and 8 games in the summer.


PWSL seasons run as follows:

Fall: September - December

Spring: January - May

Summer: June - July

Schedules are published about two weeks before the season begins.

Skill levels

We welcome all skill levels.

Our spring and fall seasons offer several skill and age divisions:

  • Division 1 - typically former high school or college athletes looking for a fast-pace, physical game and a high level of competition.
  • Division 2 - typically players with some amount of soccer experience looking for moderate competition.
  • Division 3 - typically individuals looking for a recreational game. May or may not have soccer experience.
  • 30+ and 40+ - players who are tired of chasing down those darn 18-year-olds.

Our summer season has one open recreational skill division.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up my own team?

Definitely! Roster minimum is 13 and maximum is 25. You can register new teams before a new season starts. Click here to register a team. Reach out to for more information.

Why might costs differ between teams?

Each team incurs different costs depending on how many players are on the roster and what other needs the team has. This could cover uniforms, equipment, social activities, or any number of things.

Can you tell me more about the sub roster?

The PWSL sub roster is meant to provide new players the opportunity to find where they best fit in the League by making them eligible to play for teams in need as borrowed players. This also gives existing teams the opportunity to borrow subs as needed and/or try out new players before officially adding them to the team’s roster.

  1. A player may register to the “Sub Roster” in order to establish eligibility to play as a “borrowed player” in PWSL games (during the season(s) in which the player is registered for the Sub Roster only).
  2. A player on the “Sub Roster” will be considered a player in the least competitive open division; all PWSL Borrowing Rules will apply.
  3. A player on the Sub Roster may not be simultaneously rostered to any established PWSL team.
  4. Players must register and pay on the PWSL website for each season they would like to be eligible through the Sub Roster.

Summer 2024

Please proceed with registration if:

1. you have already connected with a team manager, know your team name, and have paid your season fees to your manager or made arrangements to do so,

2. you would like to register this season as a sub, or

3. you would like to register this season on a free agent team.

Be prepared to upload the registrant's proof of age. Acceptable forms include any government or military issued identification that includes name and birth date (DL, ID card, passport, birth certificate).

Be sure to select the appropriate team name, "free agent," or "sub roster" on the pricing page.

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