Player Recruitment & Borrowing

Player Recruitment

The PWSL supports three ways for Team Mangers to find players for their roster:

1) PWSL Sub Roster

These players have signed themselves up to be available for any team that might need them, and are not registered to a specific team. This is a good way to try out new players before adding them to your full roster.

Managers have the permissions to reach out to players on the sub roster by navigating on this website to "Teams" > "Sub Roster" > "Contacts." They may also use the Crossbar app to contact players. Managers must first accept their emailed invitation to manage the sub roster.


2) Players Looking for Teams List

These players have left their contact information and interest, but are NOT eligible to play until they are legally registered - either by signing up for the sub list, or joining your roster. Managers can see the list here, but it is not available to anyone else.

We will do our best to keep this list updated. The most recent submissions are at the bottom.

If you do recruit a player from this list, please email to let us know that player should be removed from the list.

3) Teams Looking for Players List

You can post your contact information and what you’re looking for via the Teams Looking for Players form here. Your contact info will be posted publicly on the web to players looking for teams.

We will clear the list at the beginning of each season. If you would like your information clear before the end of the season, please email

Player Borrowing

Remember that all borrowed players need to be properly registered with the league. Refer to the PWSL policies for more details.

Need to borrow players from other teams for your upcoming game? Our listserv can help you find them.

Once you've found a player, be sure to confirm that they are registered in the league for the current season before writing them in.

  • Ask what team they play for (or if they are on the sub roster)
  • Check that team's (or the sub roster's) game day roster to find their name
  • If they do not appear, they may have registered after the weekly deadline. In this case, ask them to forward their confirmation email from Crossbar. It should look like this:

Reach out to with any questions about player recruitment and borrowing.

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